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Qeon Interactive is a full service company within the gaming and entertainment industry in Indonesia. We can help your brand reach a large and young Indonesian demographic through our gaming organization, talent agency and events & production company.


Riki Suliawan  – CEO PT. Qeon Interactive


“Our ambition is to strive towards a performance-driven culture, keeping focused on our core values, starting at the heart of Qeon Interactive. To help people achieve, realize dreams, and live with passion.”

We live in a world where a global pandemic has changed the future of the workplace forever. The ability to adapt and survive in unexpected changes and climates is more than a biological reaction, it is a need for transformation.

Just like this need, our ambition to transform the South East Asian e-sports scene is being realized through RRQ, One Up, and Anvil Circle. Three core businesses that, coming together, bring the ecosystem into a full circle.

We have come a long way and I am proud to say that we are here now, at the doorstep of the world, as one of the biggest esports organizations in South East Asia.

Riki Suliawan – Founder Qeon Interactive

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